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Solution For Wpf Findresource Not Found

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    This guide will help you if wpf findresource is not found.



    I have a relative n00b here with WPF (and a bit with .NET in general) with a hard deadline for a WPF project as well as FindResource (). I am at the beginning of this development, setting up my application is still considered relatively straightforward. I have the following structure for my XAML code:

    This is one of our C # codes. This method is known as the KeyDown event handler for the Window container.

    All I’m trying really hard right now is to start the animation defined here in the storyboard, but I haven’t been able to find a specific storyboard resource yet. I’ve tried FindResource only in combination with this.FindResource and also in addition to Application.Current.FindResource. This function is defined in the .cs dataset for the XAML file shown above.

    Any help the good people can offer you would be greatly appreciated. If I have something else on the market or I think I need more information, please feel free to shout.


    invalid goToNext ( object color = “# 006400″>, sender )

    Try Storyboard sb = (Storyboard ) Application . Current . FindResource ( “Storyboard1” );

    Fang (exception, eg )

    MessageBox . Show (for example, . ToString ());

    sb.BeginAnimation ();

    stepIndex ++;



    wpf findresource not found

    And I want to display the sbdFade storyboard in the below C # code

    wpf findresource not found

      with system;with System.Collections.Generic;Using System.Linq;Use   System.Text;Using System.Windows;Using System.Windows.Controls;Using System.Windows.Data;Using System.Windows.Documents;Using System.Windows.Input;Using System.Windows.Media;Using System.Windows.Media.Imaging;Using System.Windows.Navigation;Using System.Windows.Shapes;Using System.Windows.Media.Animation;TugasBesarTAM_Moses_1072089 namespace{/// /// interaction logic for Brick01.xaml/// public subclass Brick01: UserControl    Building block public01 ()           Initialize component ();         private unnecessary BallHit ()            Storyboard storyBoard = FindResource ("sbdFade") as storyboard;        storyBoard.Begin ();        closed empty Brick_MouseLeftButtonDown (object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)            Ball hit ();     

    But in case I left the user control, a ResourceReferencekeyNotFoundException is thrown, which makes my storyBoard suck.

    I have no idea where the error came from as the resource key containing xaml and c # is the same.


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    Edit: Note.I’ve tried the following code enough (BallHit method but), some crazy same exception

      closed empty BallHit ()    Storyboard storyBoard = (Rask  value) FindResource ("sbdFade");    storyBoard.Begin (); 



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