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Troubleshooting Serial Kernel Modules



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    You may encounter an error indicating that the kernel module is sequential. It turns out there are several ways to fix this problem, which we’ll talk about shortly.




    15. Serial And Other Tips

    15.1 General Sequential Modules

    Serial airport taxi driver comes as a module (s)generic_serial.ko. Drivers for USB serial ports as well as multiport cardsare often offered as modules. Linux should load them all automaticallythe required module, so in most cases you don’t need to do anything.

    But sometimes it takes a while to configure the boot of some partitions or parameters to a module or human core.

    These parameters can be provided by special modules on the command line.for a specific kernel or in / etc / modules, /etc/modules.conf or/etc/modprobe.conf. As of kernel 2.2, you do not edit this modprobe.conf fileFile, but use the update-modules program to update it. Information thattime is used to update modules. config is stored in / etc / modutils /. Debian / GNU


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    Linux has a file / etc / modutils / setserial whichrun sequential script in /etc/init.d/ whenever sequential moduleloaded or can be unloaded. When the item with serial number is unloaded use this scriptsaves the state in a module in /var/run/setserial.conf. Then whenif the part is reloaded, this saved state is often restored. When the seriesFirst modulates a significant start-up time, there is nothing about it/var/run/setserial.conf so that its status changes from/etc/serial.conf. So where are the two files that express. differentDistros can do something similar.

    Quests of the series are located in subdirectories /lib/modules/.../kernel/drivers/ . For multiport maps searchin the serial and / or char subdirectory. For USB series:Look in the usb / serial subdirectory. Module,parport_serial should work withPCI cards that contain both serial and parallelPorts.

    kernel module serial

    As a last resort, someone else can change the serial port driver usingSource. Much about a serial computer, such as a driver, can be found in the serial.c file.For more information on writing programs for all serial ports, seeSequential programming HOWTO. It was adapted by Vern Hoxsey in 1999, howeverthis version is not with LDP.

    15.2 Kernel Configuration

    15. Number 3 Of Serial Ports Supported.

    If you have more than 4 (or 2) serial ports, you mustMake sure most kernels know this. Optionally, this can be done by configuringKernel when called or by a parameter passed to a specific kernel when it isstarts up (boot prompt or kernel boot line).

    Kernel configuration parameters:CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_RUNTIME_UARTS = 4 and CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_NR_UARTS = 4Ideally set the number of common serial slots (UART) to 4.If you have more than 4 common serial ports , you really want to change something4 is useless. But you can replace this command with a command through our own kernelExample line: nr_uarts = 16 (if help and serial support inKernel) or 8250.nr_uarts = 16 (if serialized support is provided via the module). Loading machineit may be prompted to do this at boot, for example with lilo or grub.

    15.4 Serial Console (serial Console)

    See the kernel documentation at: Documentation / serial-console.txt.Kernel 2.4+ with better documentation. See also “Serial Console” inText terminal HOWTO.

    airline pilot


    For a mail terminal, the RS-232 speed is quite high, butThe usable cable length is often too short. Balanced technology canThe usual method for achieving balanced communication withtext terminal must be installed with the line driver in sequential sectionsconvert asymmetric to symmetric (and vice versa). they areSpecialties are articles and they are expensive when new.

    15.6 Stop Data Flow x When Printing, Etc.

    Typically applications and / or flow control programs stop the threadByte as needed. But sometimes they don’t. The problem is thatthe output to that serial port goes through the large serial buffer firstin the main memory of the PC. So if you want to do demolition it doesn’t matterin this buffer must be deleted. When you speak the iPhone appTo stop printing, this amazing stamp cannot be erased, so printing will continue.until it becomes empty. Also, your printer has a special buffer calledmust be evacuated. PC message to stop printing may not workbecause of these two buffers, they continue to supply bytes for the printer.There is a problem with the printer software that does not recognize the serial port.and that modem jamming lines should be removed to restrict the printer.

    One way to stop printing is to turn off one of our printers.It works well with newer serial port drivers. Buffers clearXia andThere is no need to continue printing. With the pilots of the old seriesThe buffer was not emptied and printing could sometimes continue whenThe printer is turned on again. To prevent this from happening, a person needs to wait a little.basically specifies Closing_wait Setserial before re-enabling the printerwhen burning. You may also want to remove the print job from the printout.The next queue will not try to continue.

    15.7 Known I / O Address Conflicts

    Name = “video_8514″> Avoid I / O Address Conflicts With Some Video Cards

    I / O address of the IBM 8514 video card (and others):ostensibly 0x? 2e8 seats? is 2, 4, 8, or 10. This can lead to conflicts (butshouldn’t if the serial interface is clearly well designed) with all I / O addresses ttyS3 0x02e8 if the serial port ignores the first hexadecimal numberEncrypts when it decrypts the address (many do). It’s bad news if you dotry using ttyS3 with this I / O information. Another story – Linuxyour internalmy modem on ttyS3 doesn’t recognize it at all, except that you can use it setserial to add ttyS3 to this address and to the modemwill work fine.

    I / O Address Conflict With Ide2 Hard Drive For Service Address

    ttyS2 uses 3e8-3ef, while ide2 itself uses 3ee.what is in this range. So this report can be viewed when Linux starts up.conflict. Most people don’t use ide2 (extra hard drivecable) and you can ignore my message. It may be difficult for youRun a few on ide0 and two more on ide1 so that most people won’t need ide2.

    15.8 Known Defective Hardware

    AMD Elan SC400 Processor (PC-on-a-Chip) Issue

    Is there a mileage between the interrupt and the position register?UART. An interrupt is issued when a transmission is delayedstops transmission due to byte and uart transmission bufferexpands (waits for the next byte). But the status registerThe UART was not updated fast enough to reflect this uniqueness. When aloneResult, abortedits service is usually checked and determined(wrongly) that nothing happened. So normally no bytes are sentPort to transmit, and all UART transmitters wait in vainThe byte that never comes. If the boring routine of the service waiteda little more in front of the control status register, then the device willhave been updated to reflect the possible true condition and everything should be fine. East

    It is suggested that this problem be resolved by restoring the serial driver. cornShould Linux be patched to accommodate faulty hardware, especiallycan patching an item affect the performance of the shiny iron?



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