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How To Solve Boot Debugging For Advanced Options


If you have advanced options for running debugging on your PC, this guide should help you fix it.


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    Below the initial web pages is the More Options button. In this section, you have access to configuration options such as number of processors, total memory, debug, and global debug options. Remember that these various options are the last resort for power users to diagnose your operating systems.



    Advanced Startup Options is a selectable list of Windows startup modes and troubleshooters.

    Starting with Windows, Menu 8 was simply replaced with Startup Options , which is part of the Advanced Startup Options menu.

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    Extended Options Menu Available At Startup

    How do I trigger advanced boot options in Windows 10?

    Access to doorbell settings. You can access it by clicking the gear icon in the m Start.Click Update & Security.Select Recovery from the menu.Click Restart Now.Click Troubleshoot.Click more options.

    The Advanced Boot Options Gallery is available on Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Windows XP , and Windows Server Sprinting. The Windows systems included in these versions have been released.

    Starting with Windows 8 , different boot options are available in terms of boot options. Several Windows recovery tools from ABO have been moved to Advanced Boot Options.

    In newer versions of Windows, such as Windows 95 and Windows 95, the menu was called the Microsoft Windows Start menu and also worked, albeit without as many diagnostic tools as those available inlater versions of Windows.

    What Is It For?

    This menu is a list of modern Windows troubleshooting tools and methods, which unfortunately can be used to recover important information, start Windows with minimal skill, restore previous settings, and more.

    Safe Mode is the most commonly used feature and can be purchased from the Advanced Boot Options menu.

    How To Access The Advanced Boot Options Menu

    Advanced boot options can be accessed by pressing F8 when some kind of Windows startup screen is loading.

    advanced options boot debug

    This applies to all versions of Windows that contain menus, including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.

    In older versions of Windows, the corresponding menu is linked by holding down the Ctrl key while Windows starts up.

    Parameter Values ​​

    The advanced boot options menu itself is irrelevant — it’s an options menu. When selecting a parameter related to parameters and, press Enter to get the account Windows entry for this mode or scanner, etc.

    In other words, assortment of use means using the individual options contained in the menu screen.

    Here are the various boot methods and methods that can be found in the Advanced Boot Options menu in Windows, Windows Vista, and Windows XP:

    Repair Your Computer


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    The Repair Your Computer option launches System Recovery Options , a built-in diagnostic and recovery tool including Startup Help, System Restore , Command Prompt , and more …

    It is available by default in Windows 7. In Windows Vista, this option can only be purchased if the system recovery options have been saved to your hard drive . Otherwise, customers can still access the system recovery options that are included on the Windows Vista DVD.

    System Restore options are definitely not available on XP and Windows, so you will rarely see this option on the menu only in this version of Windows.

    Safe Mode

    advanced options boot debug

    SafelyWindows starts randomly in Safe Mode , a special Windows diagnostic feature. In this mode, only the essentials are loaded, hopefully Windows should start up so you can make changes and run diagnostics without running all the common additional functions at the same time.

    • Safe Mode: Start Windows with at least drivers and services .
    • Safe Mode with Networking: Same as Safe Mode, but also includes drivers and services that are required to enable networking. Fashion
    • Safe with command line: like safe mode, but huge command line, like surfing interface.

    Usually try Safe Mode first. If that doesn’t work, try Command Prompt Safe Mode if you have Command Prompt recommendations for troubleshooting. Try Safe Mode with loading network drivers if you need Safe Mode for the network or Internet access, for example.

    Activate Launch Function

    The option “Enable trackinge boot log ”maintains a meaningful log of the drivers loaded by Windows during the boot process .

    If you are unable to start Windows, you can refer to this log and also determine which driver was the last to complete successfully or which was unsuccessfully loaded first, which is a good starting point for troubleshooting.

    The log is, of course, a plain text file named Ntbtlog.txt, which is also stored in the root directory of this special Windows installation folder called “C: Windows”. (Access by path% SystemRoot% environment variable ).

    Enable Low Resolution Video (640 X 480)

    The Include low resolution video (640 x 480) option lowers the screen resolution to 640 x 480 because the refresh rate is also reduced. This option does not change the display driver in any way.

    This tool is especially useful when the screen resolution has been changed to one other than the one that the monitor you are using does not support, allowing you to use Windows at the generally accepted resolution that allows you tousers to configure it to the correct type. …

    Windows XP has the option “Enable VGA Mode”, but it works the same way.

    Last Known Good Configuration (Extended) Last

    Known Good Configuration (Advanced) starts Windows with both men and women, and registry information is written the last time Windows successfully started, and then shuts down.

    This tool is useful to try before troubleshooting because it returns a lot of important configuration information to the ideal time Windows is running.

    If the sticky situation is due to the computer’s registry or driver change, Last Known Good Configuration can be a very simple solution.

    Restore Directory Service Mode

    This gadget is only applicable to Active Directory blog controllers and is not used in the average home or most small computing environments.

    Debug Mode

    The Debug Mode option Debug enables Windows mode, an advanced diagnostic mode, in which accurate records can be sent via Windows to then connected “debugger”.

    Always Disable Automatic Restart On System Error

    advanced options boot debug

    The Disable Immediate Restart on System Error option prevents Windows from restarting after a serious system error such as Blue Screen of Death .

    If we cannot turn off the automatic restart of Windows because it does not start completely, this option is very useful.

    In some earlier versions of Windows XP, the option to automatically shut down when the computer restarts is not available in Computer System Error in the Windows Advanced Options menu.

    Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

    The Disable Driver Signature Enforcement option allows you to install unsigned drivers on Windows.

    Normal Windows Startup

    In other words, it is equivalent to allowing Windows to start, as you do every day, ignoring any differences from the Windows startup process.


    The reboot option is only available on Windows XP and does exactly what: Rebootcomputer .

    How To Return To The Operating System Selection Menu

    The dropdown menu to return to the operating system takes you back to the main screen where you can choose which system to boot from.



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    What does enable debugging mode do?

    The Enable Debugging option enables the kernel debugging issue on Windows. This is an advanced troubleshooting method, and it is entirely possible to pass startup information to another computer or other hardware that is running the debugger.

    How do I boot into debug mode?

    Navigating in debug mode is often nearly identical to normal Windows operation. You can also access the same launcher to solve your problems. Reboot your PC workstation. When you need a list of operating systems, press “F8” on your keyboard. Use the arrow keys to select “Debug Mode” or press “Enter”.




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    Geavanceerde Opties Boot Debug
    Erweiterte Optionen Boot Debug
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    Avancerade Alternativ Boot Debug
    Расширенные параметры отладки при загрузке
    Opcje Zaawansowane Debugowanie Rozruchu
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