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How Can I Fix Com-0004 Registered Clsid For Prog Is Invalid


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    In the past few days, some readers have reported that they have encountered com-0004, clsid registered for progid is not valid.

    • Oracle COM Automation Feature PL / SQL Errors

    • Microsoft COM Automation Error

    Oracle COM Automation PL / SQL Functionality Error

    Below is a list of Oracle COM Automation PL / SQL errors and their most common causes.

    COM-0001: no boolean

    Reason: Property type, return, or value for money type, is not a boolean, but your own boolean was requested.

    Action: Make sure the variable is of the correct input type.

    COM-0002: invalid token or no interface for creating token

    Cause: The token does not belong to a COM object that was created with CreateObject , or the COM object was published with DestroyObject .

    Action: Make sure someone’s user interface is available.

    COM-0003: maximum number of objects reached

    Reason. Only 1,024 COM objects can be active at a time. This COM includes objects that were launched with CreateObject and stuffCOM that was retrieved as property values ​​and duplicate values.

    Action: Ensure that the destroyed objects are usable after use by calling DestroyObject.

    COM-0004: Registration for clsid ProgID is not working

    Cause: The ProgID is in the registry, but the CLSID assigned to this ProgID is incorrect.

    Action: Make sure the COM component of the specified ProgID is literally registered.

    COM-0005: When recording CLSID for registration

    . An error has occurred

    Reason: ProgID is probably missing from the registry. An attempt was made to create guide A and assign the CLSID to it, but none of our entries could be changed.

    Action: Make sure you can write data to a specific register that is writeable and not corrupted.

    COM-0006: The specified view is not registered in the registry collection

    Cause: The specified class is not registered in the registry.

    Action: Make sure the class is registered.

    COM-0007: Error initializing COM object automation

    Cause: While creating a COM object, abut a fatal error.


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    Action: Make sure the object is registered as a COM automation object.

    COM-0008: no interface

    Reason: copied. This COM object does not support this IDispatch interface, so it cannot support COM automation.

    Action: Check if the specified interface was always valid.

    COM-0014: Throwing error

    Cause: An error occurred when calling a method or sometimes a property.

    Action: Make sure the method name is applicable to the object.

    COM-0015: Invalid parameter depends on

    . away

    Cause: The number of parameters specified for some methods or properties was different from the currently expected parameters.

    Action. Make sure the number of parameters in the action matches the number.

    COM-0017: An exception must be specified on the claim form. The assembly passed to pexcepinfo must be in

    . to come in

    Cause: The COM object threw an exception.

    Action: Exception includes source of error, error description, file c Edits and context for manually saving help. Call GetLastError

    for more information

    COM-0018: The requested member is not available, or the call to Tried calls to sets the home read-only property

    Cause: The requested element is not available, or an attempt was made to Invoke that could set the value of a read-only property.

    Action: Make sure that a property whose value can be easily written or a person exists.

    COM-0020: one of the arguments in rgvarg and fails on the specified option

    . be forced

    Reason: One of the arguments definitely does not match the type expected by the method and / or property, and this argument cannot be converted to the expected type.

    Action: Make sure the coercive arguments are of the correct data type.

    COM-0022: one or more arguments cannot be

    Reason: forced. One of me would say that the arguments are not of the type that a method or property would normally expect, and that the input is notMay be forcibly directed to a larger type of bank.

    Action: Make sure your arguments are generally compatible.

    COM-0025: No optional parameter

    Cause: A required argument is missing.

    Action: Make sure the number of arguments matches the large number of parameters passed.

    COM-0026: a new valid character has appeared in the name

    Cause: Property descriptor, method name, server name, or ProgID are usually too long.

    Action: Specify fewer than 1,024 people for the name.

    Microsoft COM Automation Error

    Below is a list of Microsoft COM Automation errors and their common helpers. Hexadecimal and binary exception error codes are listed.

    (0x800401f3) (-2147221005) Invalid class

    Reason: The specified ProgID or CLSID is never registered as a COM object in the registry on my local machine.

    Action: Insert the COM component correctly.

    (0x8007007e) (-2147024770) The specified part cannot befound

    Cause: The com object described was registered as a specific in-process COM server (DLL file), but the DLL file could not be found and loaded.

    Action: Install the COM component correctly.

    (0x80020004) (-2147352572) Parameter not found

    Cause: A named parameter must be specified before a positional parameter.

    Action: Make sure all named parameters come after almost all positional parameters.

    (0x80020005) (-2147352571) Type conflict

    com-0004 the registered clsid for the progid is invalid

    Cause: The data type of the locally selected PL / SQL variable for storing the return value of a property for money or the return value of a method did not match the data type of the Visual Basic in any way relative to the return value of a property or method, or the value returned by a method rather everything was requested but returns no other value.

    Action: Make sure the local variable is literally of the data type, and make sure the return value is not explicitly void due to the methods.

    (0x80020006) (-2147352570)Unknown

    Reason: Company Name The specified property or method name may not have been found for the specified object.

    Action: Make sure the method property or method name of the object must be valid.

    (0x80020008) (-2147352568) Very diverse type

    com-0004 the registered clsid for the progid is invalid

    Cause: The PL / SQL or Java datatype passed as the platform parameter did not match the COM automation datatype of the method parameter, and NULL was passed as each method. parameter of course

    Action: all local elements used as method parameters are of the appropriate data type and configured to support you with a value other than NULL .

    (0x80080005) (-2146959355) Server execution error

    Cause: The specified Internet object was registered as a local COM-Web (.EXE file), but the .EXE file could not be easily found or run.

    Action: The COM component is organized correctly.

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