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Solved: Suggestions To Fix The Debug Base File Without Gdb



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    In this blog post, we’re going to identify some potential causes that might cause the base debug file to run without gdb, and then suggest some potential recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem.



    I want to access a structure that is stored in the core of any program with no debug value (I want to do this in C). When I open the program and every kernel dump in GDB, I get this stack trace including the names of all the functions. For example:

      (gdb) bt# 0 0x08048443 in shift3 ()# 1 0x08048489 in layer2 ()# 2 0x080484c9 in ()# 3 Layer1 0x0804854e next to main () 

    The names of all usages are stored in the executable for the most part I did .strtab. How to create an overlay track with different photo frames in the air? Running GDB in batch mode is by no means an option. And simply “copying the necessary parts of gdb” is also a bad idea, since the code for the voucher is not written independently.

    To dig deeper into my personal question: where can I find a point in the kernel dump where I can start reading the stack details? Is there a library to access this information? Can I use a structure? Or better yet, a certificate explaining how this information is structured in a particular core dump?

    debug core file without gdb

    (I’ve already seen the question on how to generate a stack trace from any kernel dump file in C without calling an external tool like gdb “as there is no correct answer, thought I’d ask again)


    requested May 14, 2012 2:18 PM


    Not The Answers To Your Search? Check Out Other Questions Called Gdb Stack Frames Coredump, Or See My Own Question.

    Coredump also contains information about the stack. If you can use this stack information with the EBP and EIP registry settings in the kernel dump file, you can detail the stack trace. I wrote only one program for him. The program can be found at the following link.


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    debug core file without gdb

    Usage: compile the above, then enter the program when it starts.

      core $ coretrace 

    If you want to print characters, you might like this: let’s say the program that generated this kernel is Test.

      $ nm -n symbol experiment>       usd basesnew symbols coretrace 
      $ ./coretrace of famous people        0x80483cd foo + 0x9        0x8048401 function + 0x1f        Primary 0x8048430 + 0x2d 

    Reply 15, May 12 at 12:55 pm



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    How do I debug a core file?

    Debug the main file in the same operating environment. If the core file is not in the current directory, you can specify its path (for example, / tmp / core). Use the where command (see The where Command), which allows you to determine where the program ran, even if it dropped the kernel.

    How do I debug a core dump?

    2 reviews. All you need is a binary (with debug symbols), which is probablythe same one that created the core dump file. Then you can use gdb-path / to / the / binary path / to / core / dump / file to debug it. When it starts up, you can use British Telecom (for backtrace) to track the stack since it crashed.

    How do I read a core dump file?

    In the case of a kernel file, it is absolutely necessary to use a debugger (GDB) to check the overall state of the process after it terminates and often to identify the line of code that caused the crash. This is a situation where you can create a main file to host, but this is not the default.




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