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How Do I Resolve Issues With Msexchangeal Event Id 8026?

If you come across the msexchangeal event id 8026, this guide should help.


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    event ID 8026
    Source MSExchangeAL
    Description An LDAP binding was lost in the directory for the unique alias . The directory returned errors: [0x ] .
    Informational Event according to Microsoft:
    Update Service Recipient Day is for Windows use … configures a downgraded domain controller. When the Recipient Update Service tries to request an improvement from a Windows domain controller, it cannot contact it.
    If you determined that demotion of a Windows domain controller caused this problem, you may also encounter this problem, fix it by following these steps:
    1. Open System Manager Exchange.
    2. Expand the Recipients container and click Recipient Update Services.
    3. Double-click each recipient service, update it, and then change the Windows domain controller configuration for yourself to a new Windows domain controller in the shared domain.
    References MSExchangeAL Events 8026 and 8260: No Access to Address List Configuration Information

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    msexchangeal event id 8026

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    Yesterday we restarted our primary domain controller (PDC) as well as Exchange Server 2003, which is also my entire secondary domain controller (SDC) domain. … Catalog returned : [0x52] Local error.

    We also found that if we insert the user’s primary domain, it almost certainly won’t sync with our feed (SDC). But it can be synchronized by exchange (SDC). No

    If it is related at all, but now some of our employees connected via Exchange have a lot of errors in their Outlook, for example, the Exchange computer is offline, although I can check the FQDN and pogosteal with the client.

    The Exchange Event Viewer is now full of this error.

    msexchangeal event id 8026

    Me, my wife and I are still using the old sharing option because it is compatible with our environment. But maybe we are planning an update soon. for now we just want to fix this problem. I hope that all of us on the forum can support each other.

    PS I posted this issue on the exchange in 2003 and received a response saying that the issue was DC related and could not be traded.

    Event type: error
    Event Source: MSExchangeAL
    Event Category: LDAP Operations
    Event ID: 11.08.2018
    Time: 8026
    Date: 11:20:01
    User: N / A
    Computer: MAIL
    LDAP bind error on delivery site for distinguished name. ” An error has arrived in the directory: [0x52] Local error.

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    Identyfikator Zdarzenia Msexchangeal 8026
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    Msexchangeal-Ereignis-ID 8026
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    Msexchange-gebeurtenis-ID 8026