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Norton Antivirus 2012 Open Port Troubleshooting Tips


Over the past few days, some of our users have been encountering an open ports error code from Norton Antivirus 2012. This issue can occur for several reasons. Let’s discuss them below.


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    norton antivirus 2012 open ports

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    Prepare Norton Security
    Click on “Settings” (2nd icon in the top right menu)
    Hover over the Firewall piece and click.
    Tab >> Rules
    Click Add.
    Leave the default value: “Allow connections matching the rule in the article.”
    Select “Connection Type”, which is the default route to and from other computers.
    Select any computer, and sometimes any computer on the local subnet.
    Choose a standard protocol: in general, “tcp and udp” or “tcp” are undoubtedly common.
    KEY: Check the “Rule” radio button. “Of course, this is only applicable if all the ports listed below are the same:” The add link becomes available. Click Add.
    Port Specification: Click the Customized Ports radio button and enter the port number. “Chorusosho “
    Click on
    click “Next”
    Accept the standard: “On Special Request”
    Give the rule a name.
    Click Finish.

    Please note that our traffic rules are in alphabetical order, so you can search down to find the rule you entered. If you need to remove them, follow the rule and click Remove.

    A standard Norton Security installation on a network works for most users without any special configuration. However, the security program will definitely prevent some programs from exchanging data over the Internet, as it essentially sees communication as a possible threat. Some companies use applications that require regular updates through open conversations with external servers. For these software packages to communicate correctly, you may need to open a port in the Norton Firewall. This is usually only required for specialized PCs or advanced computer users.

    Click this Windows button, type “norton” in the search box, then click “Norton Internet Security”.

    norton antivirus 2012 open ports

    Щ Click on the Network tab, select Smart Firewall and select Configure in the advanced settings on the right. Click Customize to use the best general rules.

    Click Add, select Allow, and then click Next. Click Other good connections to computers, Connections from other computers, and Connections to and from other computers. The choice depends on the port used. If you are generally confident, do not select “Connections to and between other computers.”

    norton antivirus 2012 open ports

    Click Next and select Any Computer, Any Computer on Its Own Local Subnet, or Only the Computers and Networks Listed Below. Just click the Add button if you selected Computers at the top of the sites below and enter the IP address or range of addresses. Click Any Computer if you are unsure.

    Click Next and from the drop-down menu select the type of protocol your company needs to open the port. If unsure, use the default TCP and UDP settings. Click “Only devices that match all typeand the grids listed below “and select” Add “

    Check the safe to the left of the port you really want to open if it’s listed. Click Custom Ports or Range, Port, depending on how many people you need to open the ports. You only visit “Local” in the “Location” section if you check the port on your computer. If not, go to the next step.

    Click OK and select Next twice. Enter the company name for the rule as text. Click Next and select Finish. Typically, you select the rule you just created and click Up until it is at the top of the list. Click OK within three hours, then click X to close Norton Internet Security.

    Dustin Lamb developed various Internet publications specializing in computer technology at the time. Lamb holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Cleary University and is also a computer consultant.

    • Opening ports on the Internet can expose your computerYour computer and the data on it are a security risk. Don’t open ports if you don’t know what the business is for.


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    How do I open ports in Norton Security?

    Open Norton Internet Security Control Panel by double-clicking a familiar program on your computer’s taskbar, or by selecting it from your computer’s desktop.Often in the Control Panel, they select the “Settings” menu item, and then click “Configure” on the “Smart Firewall” tab.

    Does Norton block open ports?

    Norton Smart Firewall includes hidden blocked ports to protect you from intruders trying to access your computer through more open ports. When you enable hidden blocked ports, Norton hides the port state of your computer. Unused and blocked ports on your computer do not respond to requests for network data.

    How do I allow network traffic on UDP ports 4500 and 500 Norton?

    In the Firewall Settings window on the Traffic Rules tab, click Add. In the Add Rule Wizard, follow the instructions to accept network traffic on UDP ports 4500 and 500. Click Apply and then click OK. Close the device security settings window and enable Secure VPN in the My Norton window.




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