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Troubleshooting BIOS Bypass Software


Over the past few days, some readers have reported having encountered Bios bypass software.


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    BIOS is a new free utility designed as a comprehensive BIOS and security suite. It has the ability to decrypt account data that is used in some of the more popular BIOS brands like Award, Phoenix, American Megatrends, IMB, etc. It also has the ability to crack a password using brute force (aka “blaster”) …



    ROM BIOS, or better known as BIOS, was an integral part of the computer. Every time we turn on the computer, it initially displays the amount of memory. Suddenly, the NUM indicators light up, blocking and now at the end there is a beep, after which we see the famous Windows logo. For computer geeks, this is normal computer startup behavior. However, this cannot be done. to talk about other people who are not very familiar with computer equipment and can use it to perform agreed-upon tasks. You may be wondering what exactly happens when someone is working on a computer. This is the role and genius of BIOS. It is the ideal chip that fits onto the system board or motherboard of your computer. It contains all the detailed information about custom computer hardware. Let’s say you’ve added a new hard drive to your computer to improve overall storage space, and that hard drive isn’t actually recognized in the BIOS.

    Can I use this drive if you are using a Windows site? The answer is no; The BIOS must recognize the hard drive first, because it contains all the information related to the hardware settings, and then must be recognized by the operating system. The BIOS takes into account all the information related to the parameters of the hardware call, date and time of the system. It is also responsible for triggering POST, which is a trust self-check that is mostly done on the system itself.

    Part 1. How To Decrypt BIOS Password?

    There are frustrating scenarios where customers want to change certain websites and find that no password is usually used. You can get a screen like this.

    Also, it could be a scenario where you bought a computer for someone else and the vendor did not disclose the full BIOS password. It is also possible that the consumer is using the same computer and has a different BIOS password. We will continue to try to guess the best passwords. But even after a few tries it didn’t work, so what? do If I cannot provide BIOS feedback, it means that I cannot change the settings.

    In case we need to crack the BIOS password. There are several ways to crack BIOS password. Some steps are shown below:

    Step The first option is to change the BIOS password jumper settings. There is a special rod on the motherboard that should work with it. However, it is recommended that you read the product manual before performing these steps, as the position of the jumpers differs from motherboard to motherboard.

    Step Step 2 To do this, make sure the device cord is not in the wall. Loosen the screws on the side of the CPU. 3

    Step. After that, determine the position of the BIOS jumper on the motherboard by checking the documentation and resetting it.

    A jumper can be marked as CLEARCMOS or JCMOS1. However, there should always be something like the best in the product documentation.

    Step 4 When finished, restart your computer and check if the password is cleared or persistent. As soon as the password is removed, turn off the disposable computer and set the jumper to its characteristic position.

    If the method doesn’t work at first, you can try a backdoor. In the Desktop request, this must be accomplished by setting the CMOS jumper.

    For Fans Of Computer Games:

    For laptop users, the process is completely different as they need to take full advantage of the backdoor password feature. Enter the new password incorrectly three times on the screen, which will result in this error.

    Pay attention to the code that can be viewed. Then find a tool to crack BIOS passwords, atexample on this site: http: // bios-pw. Enter org / all displayed code, then the password is usually generated within a few minutes.

    Part 2: How To Bypass BIOS Password

    Another situation similar to the above scenarios can be resolved by bypassing the BIOS password. The methods that you can use in the future are similar to those used in the previous scenarios. In addition, we can also use these two types:

    bios bypass software

    This method is common on some older motherboards and may not work on newer mainstream systems. It does this by booting the system if you don’t have a mouse, keyboard, or certain BIOS architectures; it can work by quickly pressing the ESC key. Name = “part3″>

    Part 3: Reset BIOS Password

    If a person tried to decrypt the BIOS account information and it didn’t work for everyone, you can reset the BIOS password.

    Method 1: Remove The CMOS Battery

    bios bypass software

    The CMOS sensor has a rounded flattened shape. CMOS is an integral part of the BIOS covering the motherboard, and all motherboards are shippedwith CMOS battery. It is very easy to spot it on the motherboard because it is round, flattened and shaped like a coin. It encrypts BIOS settings including basic hardware settings, date, time and other system information. To remove the CMOS battery, you must first turn off the app and unplug the power cord.


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    With the system completely turned off, remove all CMOS batteries. Wait 15-20 minutes. Reinstall the CMOS battery and power on the system.

    After completing step 2, your company will be able to bypass the BIOS password and successfully connect to your computer. Please note that unfortunately you can add a new password as the others will be removed from the BIOS. If you see a forgotten password, review it, then go to step 1 and simply reset your password.

    Video Tutorial: Entering BIOS under Windows 10

    Method 2. Run The Command From The MS Dos Command Line

    This method only works if you have access to the operating system being measured. After we have logged in to each of our desktops, we need to launch the MS-Dos program and execute the following commandsin the same order as shown here:

    bios bypass software

    This command resets BIOS settings based on the BIOS password. This process is performed using the MS-Dos Debugging Tool.

    Method 3. Use Software

    There are many third-party software available today that can reset BIOS passwords but require access to the operating system. Some of these related to popular BIOS password cracking software are likely to be used, such as CmosPwd and Kiosk.

    Commonly Used Method: Backdoor BIOS Password

    BIOS Backdoor Password is designed to easily set passwords, which are basic security passwords provided by the BIOS vendor. These passwords are likely to be generic and vendor specific. In other words, all manufacturers must maintain a number of master passwords that can potentially be used regardless of the exact password specified by the user. These passwords are actually not very difficult to obtain, and they are also readily available through the manufacturer’s website.

    Video tutorial: compIs the computer frozen on the BIOS screen? [Solved!]



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